I don’t really know where to start!

All I know is that I have ended the year on the high, visiting a venue just on the Essex/Suffolk border which I am hoping to work with next year to provide a beautiful location for wedding celebrations.

There have been so many opportunities throughout the year & I have met so many great people along the way & had the privilege of helping with 2 weddings.

They say from little seeds big things grow, and The Savvy family has grown and is so pleased to be working with BeeAppyWeddings & being the only wedding planner in the country to offer Bambino Calessino as unique, quirky, wedding transport & photobooth.

In addition, I now offer bespoke Aisles via Aisle Thee Wed after setting up a beautiful outside ceremony in September I wanted more brides & grooms to have the opportunity to add a little extra to their entrance!

The Savvy Wedding Shows have been successful and also raised over £700 for local charities.  I look forward to organising more of these in 2016 & raising more money.

It was great in November to be part of an event I didn’t have to organise as a Regional finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards.

Sprinkle in a few wedding shows I attended & a few photoshoots & I think its fair to say its been a pretty good year!

Another highlight was featuring twice in our local weekend newspaper supplement.  In 2016, The Savvy Wedding Planner will be appearing in a very prestigious Suffolk magazine in the new year after being approached to write a column and am hoping this will be a regular feature.

I have not forgotten my resolution to blog more and have started early!!

Look forward to updating you on my Savvy exploits & wish you a very Happy & Savvy New Year.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of it, including my over 500 Facebook followers & over 1000 Twitterers!

For anyone who was lucky enough to get engaged over this festive season I would love to hear your engagement stories and help you plan your special day in any way.

For more information visit http://www.savvyweddingplanner.co.uk




















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