Despite a germ filled house, horrible traffic jams & tax return to do, this week has been a real highlight!

It is not often I enjoy being housebound but I have got so much done (mostly in my pyjamas whilst my 2 year old plays with his lego or watches CBeebies!)

I have had a great response from my savvy suppliers for the next show I am hosting in March and was excited to pick up the flyers on Wednesday which will be appearing in & around Ipswich very soon.

There may well be some guest bloggers appearing here soon too.

As well as the Savvy show I have also been making plans for another photo shoot & making plans to work with different venues over the coming months.

Whilst all this has been simmering I have also been finalising arrangements for my Savvy Soiree to celebrate with & thank the people who have helped me get where I am today.

I have even managed to balance my books so am all set for the fun of completing my tax return next week!!

Here’s hoping next week will be as fulfilling and successful as this one…I have just treated myself to a pamper session on Thursday so looking forward to that already…hard work deserves a reward right!!










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