Well, its been a little while since my last update due to a variety of reasons but I won’t bore you with those.  Instead I will try not to bore you with a review of my day which has been very productive (and a snippet from the last few weeks)


Premiere of With Love From Suffolk a fantastic collaboration & my first time on a red carpet with paparazzi!!

Take a look at some of the pics & a trailer from the film at http://www.withlovefromsuffolk.co.uk

If you are in Suffolk keep an eye out at your local cinema to see when it is showing.  It really is worth a watch

I am really enjoying treating myself every night to my Tropic skincare products & have been treating others to A Walk On The Beach (a gorgeous foot spa treatment with Bora Bora sands just one of the many fabulous ingredients)

This is on special offer in the lead up to Valentines Day, just £22 instead of £26 and you can buy if here http://www.tropciskincare.co.uk/shop/katherinecresswell

Aside from this I am looking forward to working with many more local businesses & charities this year and will be seeing a lot of them at The Savvy Wedding Show on 31st March

This is all set to be a top night, all the details can be found on the Facebook event page


Back to today where it really felt that spring had sprung

I managed to cut my little boys hair which is always a challenge and long overdue!

This afternoon whilst he was at nursery (and the first time I hadn’t planned anything to keep my mind of it) I started my spring cleaning…windows cleaned, hovering in all the nooks & crannies done, bathrooms cleaned, washing done & out to dry.  I then headed out to tidy the garden & plant some pretty things!  Then back in to polish my boots, get tea ready & get out in time to pick up my boy from nursery.

I have just sat down and can feel the aches already!  Time for more Tropic pampering to soothe these aches & give my skin a spring clean too.

Having a night away tomorrow night so I know the house will be clean for an extra 24 hours & I won’t be doing my usual last minute dash to clean everything before we set off on our adventure.

Happy spring time everyone & stay Savvy! XxWith Love From SuffolkHappy Feet
















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